Positions of Azerbaijani Forces in Gegharkunik Province. Part 1

4 m.   |  2021-05-27

T hese days, the most tense situation of the post-war period has developed on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Since mid-May, the Azerbaijani troops, violating the border of the Republic of Armenia, invaded the provinces of Syunik and Gegharkunik. 

We have referred to the situation at the Lake Sev area in our previous article. Today we will refer to the situation in Verin Shorzha and Kut villages of Gegharkunik province.

On May 25, Junior Sergeant Gevorg Khurshudyan was killed by Azerbaijani servicemen. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported that the incident took place in the direction of the Verin Shorzha village.

Based on the results of the photos and geolocation of Azerbaijani positions, it becomes clear that in this direction Azerbaijani troops deepened in the territory of Armenia from 1 to 3.5 km.
There are several Azerbaijani positions at the alleged place of murder of the Armenian soldier, one of which is 3.7 km away from the former Soviet border, in the territory of Armenia. The crossing point from Al lakes to Verin Shorzha is actually cut off by Azerbaijani positions.

Understandably, the Armenian positions are not marked on the map, however, our observations on the spot show that the Armenian and Azerbaijani positions are too close to each other, which is also confirmed by the videos of incidents between the servicemen, spread by both Armenian and Azerbaijani sources.

The Azerbaijani army deepened not only in the territories of Verin and Nerkin Shorzha, but also in the hills near the village of Kut, which will be referred to in our future articles.

Here are presented only a few locations of Azerbaijani positions in the direction of Verin Shorzha – Nerkin Shorzha villages, nearly 13 km long. 

Two positions of Azerbaijani troops are presented as an example of geolocation, however it should be noted that the other positions on the map were also recorded by our observations.
The photos depict the Azerbaijani positions located in Verin Shorzha – Shogheravan – Nerkin Shorzha direction.                
Based on their obviously fake maps, the Azerbaijani troops declare that the mentioned territories belong to Azerbaijan.

With all the existing Soviet maps, Azerbaijani saboteurs obviously crossed into the territories of Armenia.

The Soviet General Staff Map of 1973. The positions of the Azerbaijani troops in the territory of Armenia are marked with blue dots. 

Furthermore, the study of the Soviet period maps shows that the Azerbaijani not only invaded the territory of Armenia, but also according to the maps of 1920-30s, the Al Lakes region was also in the territory of Armenia and later was given to Azerbaijan. 

Comparison of the maps of the Armenian SSR of 1928 and 1938. The Al Lakes region is marked in red. Source: Ruben Galchyan, “Invented History: Azerbaijan and Armenia. Falsifications and Facts”, London, 2010, p. 40-41.

In the current situation, the position of the CSTO, to which Armenia is also a member, is remarkable. As of May 26, the organization has made a few neutral statements, and Armenia, which has addressed the Article 2 of the Collective Security Treaty (threat to security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty), currently considers applying to the organization on the basis of Article 4 (armed attack threatening security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty).

It is obvious, that a political solution to the tension is impossible unless the Azerbaijani troops leave the territory of Armenia unconditionally.