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Taron Hovhannisyan graduated from Yerevan State University, Department of Turkish Studies, in the Faculty of Oriental Studies. He holds a Master’s degree.

Taron worked as an analyst and editor on military-political issues of Turkey and Azerbaijan at “Razminfo” website. He also worked as an editor of “Overseas News” analytical programme at Public Radio of Armenia.  

Currently he works at “Public Relations and Information Center of Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO. He is engaged in studying the domestic political, foreign policy and military issues of Azerbaijan.


“Azerbaijan. Military-political journal”, N. 1, Zorakn Scientific-Educational Foundation, Yerevan, 2018, author and co-author of five articles

  1. T. Hovhannisyan, V. Mkhoyan, Azerbaijani State Border Service, p. 13-27
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  3. T. Hovhannisyan, Constitutional amendments in Azerbaijan and its consequences,  p. 123-139
  4. T. Hovhannisyan, Zh. Vardanyan, S. Sukiasyan,  Nardaran․ Azerbaijani Shia’s rebel township yesterday and today, p. 141-166
  5. T. Hovhannisyan, Restrictions on arms export from Germany and its impact on Turkish-Azerbaijani military-technical cooperation, p. 215-221

Other articles

  1. T. Hovhannisyan, 2017, Constitutional reforms of Turkey in the context of restriction on political role of the army (2010-2016), Middle East, History, Politics, Culture. Collection of articles, Yerevan, p. 104-110
  2. The role of the military in Turkish political life in 1920-30s, SSS Collection of Articles, YSU, 2017, 1.1 (18), Social Sciences, p. 69-77
  3. Сирийский конфликт, как фактор дестабилизации российско-турецких отношений, Актуальные проблемы международного права и международных отношений, Россия и Турция в системе глобальной и региональной безопасности, сборник статей, Москва-2017, стр. 148-157.
  4. Изменения в Конституции Турции в контексте ограничения роли армии в политических процессах (2010-2016 гг.), Международный конкурс студенческих научно-аналитических работ по ближневосточной тематике, Москва 2017, с. 60-65
  5. Russian-Turkish gas diplomacy. “Turkish stream” launch opportunities
  6. NK conflict in bilateral documents of Armenia and Azerbaijan with the EU
  7. “Azerbaijani aerial bomb” shown in Turkey wasn’t tested and wasn’t mass-produced
  8. 2016 April war crimes. Azerbaijan: country, where killing an Armenian is a heroism
  9. Khojaly as Azerbaijani anti-Armenian propaganda tool: False facts and Concealment of the truth.   
  10. Distortion of facts of Nagorno Karabakh conflict’s negotiation process by Azerbaijani MFA
  11. The Armenian Armed Forces registered progress in the North of Tavush

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