EAEU customs duties for customs clearance of cars

2 m.   |  2019-05-03

After joining Euroasian Economic Union  customs privilages were set for certain types of goods for the Republic of Armenia. These privileges on cars will be completed by the end of 2019. Since 2020 new customs duties will be applied for customs clearance of cars imported to EAEU from the third countries. If now there is a 10% rate on cars of all types and power, by EAEU customs duties the rate will be minimum 17%, which will be applied on new cars. Higher customs duties will be set for 7 years and older cars. As a result, the custom clearance fees will be changed significantly. Such definition of customs duties implies increase in sales and turnover volumes of cars produced in EAEU Member States and it is expected that since 2020 cars of Russian production and cars in Russia and EAEU countries will be imported to Armenia. To describe it more figuratively we will bring a few examples:

The current customs fee for Opel Astra is 70 euro (this is about the car produced in 2000), after 2020 only the customs fee, without a value-added and environmental tax will be 2560 euro.

The next example we can mention is Toyota Corolla produced in 2010, the current customs fee of which without a value-added and environmental tax is 235 euro, but in case of 2020 EAEU rates only the customs fee will cost 2880 euro.