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Elya Harutyunyan studied at Yerevan State University, Department of Turkish Studies, in the Faculty of Oriental Studies. She currently studies for her Master’s degree in the same department.

She works at “Public Relations and Information Center at the Office of the RA Prime Minister” SNCO. The areas of her professional interest include manifestations of political Islam, its modernisation and traditionalisation, national minorities in Turkey and Azerbaijan.


Harutyunyan E. A., (2018). Formation and Development prospects of modern Turkik-speaking republics of Middle Asia, New forms of international integration in the post-Soviet area: Materials of scientific international conference of teachers, graduate and undergraduate students (Ekaterinburg – Yerevan, April 13, 2017), edited by V.S. Blokhin, USURT, -Vol. 1 (231), p. 42-51.

Harutyunyan E. A., (2018). Turkish Policy in Dermis in 1936-1938; Perspective: collection of scientific papers of students/ edited by S.V. Bushueva, Ekaterinburg, USURT, Vol. 00(000).p.20-32.


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